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Are you an artist with a disability?

Then you will want to attend this upcoming workshop.

The staff of VSA Minnesota – the state organization on arts and disability – invites you to join us for a cup of coffee, a chocolate chip cookie or two and some conversation on how people with disabilities engage with the arts community in your area.

Jon Skaalen will be in Braham on Thursday afternoon, December 15th at the East Central Regional Arts Council on 112 Main Street S. from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Jon is interested in hearing from people with all types of disabilities:  

People who are blind or deaf; People who live with mental illness or a developmental disability; and People who have physical disabilities or other disabilities brought on by medical conditions.  

He wants to hear about:  What you are doing in the arts and What barriers you might be experiencing that are keeping you from doing what you would like in the arts?

He would also love to hear from people who work in arts settings who have questions about how to serve people with disabilities more effectively through their arts presentation or program.

Jon will share information about and distribute applications for VSA Minnesota’s Emerging Artist Grant Program for artists with disabilities.  The program, with a deadline in early 2017, provides six grants of $2,000 for chosen artists to create new work in the coming year.  

So, stop by the East Central Regional Arts Council and join us for an hour or two of soft drinks, chocolate chip cookies and some conversation.  

Two very important final notes:  If you plan to attend, let us know so we bring enough cookies.  Even more importantly, if you need a sign language interpreter to participate in the gathering, we must hear from you no later than end of day Friday, December 9th , so we can arrange for an interpreter to be present.

RSVP’s and requests for an interpreter should be sent to Craig Dunn at or make a quick call to 800-801-3883.